Our mission is to provide the best possible solution that meets your business needs and to maintain a long term relationship with our clients.  


  • We believe in listening and understanding your requirements before designing.
  • We believe to engage and collaborate with you to provide the best results. We welcome your involvement in the project (if you would like to), and would greatly appreciate your continuous feedback. On the same token, if you don't have the time to be involved we will develop your site per your requirements and provide you regular updates and reviews.
  • We believe a design has to meet your requirements, not vice versa (your requirements should not be short changed to fit into a template.)
  • We believe the job of a web designer is not just to make a web site, but to be an advisor and to offer different solutions to help your business.  We offer extensive experience in business and IT, and we know how to shape and maximize the tool to deliver the best results for you.
  • We believe money is not that important, and if we do a good job money will eventually follow.  As you can see in the price section we provide free or deeply discounted services to starving artists, starting musicians, people with a cause or an idea who can not afford web services, and other Zyguys like us.


We were started in 2003 by Tony Shams (used to be called Shams Consulting).  After twenty years in Corporate America, working from Software Engineer to Chief Technology Officer of Fortune 500 Corporations, Tony started Zyguyz, to provide Web design and other IT services.

S. Anthony Shams

Result-driven technology leader with over 20 years of experience in a wide range of IT engineering and services, with extensive expertise in analysis, design, planning and implementation of technical solutions.  Tony and his team design, develop, implement and support sites using HTML, CSS, Flash, Photoshop, Dynamic Web Design, PHP/ASP, MYSQL, and Apache.

Tony is a member of Mensa, IEEE Computer Science, and a watercolor artist.

Click here to see Tony’s resume, or here to view Tony’s profile on LinkedIn. (Click here to email Tony)

Shahram Anthony Shams